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Target IT have been using and providing Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony solutions to Customers since 2010, and we can provide on-premises solutions as well as Hosted solutions. We use Yeastar PBX systems, which give all the features of a PBX (including call recording), and extensions can be connected using multiple methods. Desktop Handsets (from Yealink), Softphone on Laptops and PCs (with Headset or Speaker / Microphone), or Mobile app on Android or iPhones. In this way users can stay connected wherever they are working.

We use Poole-based VoIP Unlimited for the SIP Trunks (Virtual Lines) and these are flexible, to give you Geographic and other numbers. You can port your existing telephone number into VoIP* and have additional numbers for any region or direct dial numbers (DDI) for users.

A phone system for the 21st Century

Able to grow as you do

The Yeastar PBX connects to the SIP Trunk and handles all calls in and out. The PBX can be used with extensions, groups, and have Menus (press 1, 2, etc.) if required. Royalty-free Music-on-hold is provided by us (composed by our Director, Martyn), and voicemails can be set for individuals or as a group ‘answerphone’ outside normal working hours.

VoIP can move anywhere, so if a business relocates to another town in the UK then the same numbers come with them.

*if telephone number is also your Broadband line then this will need to be changed to allow for number porting without terminating the Broadband. We can assist with this transition.

Use your phone system from anywhere

Want to find out more? Then give us a call on 01202 538488 or email, and we’ll be more than happy to talk through options and give you a quote.