Host your IT systems and access from anywhere

Your Data wherever you work from

Hosted systems at an affordable price

Flexible Data and systems hosting

For some Businesses, the need for a Server to run specific systems and collaborate can be a challenge. That maybe where users are spread across locations, with no ‘Head Office’, or because the cost of the Server Hardware is prohibitive.

Target IT have a custom-built Hosting platform, which gives Customers the ability to run their Systems on Virtual Servers and connect remotely to these to work on. Remote workers can use Remote Desktop to connect and run applications such as Sage, Office or others; and there are VPN options for straightforward file access, or NAS solutions that have file-sync applications for sharing of data.

Remote systems that grow with you

Keeping your hosted Data safe

Hosting gives the peace-of-mind that all data backup is taken care of by us, with a multi-layered backup strategy, using NAS, Cloud and other Backup solutions to ensure that data is secured and able to be restored in any event.

With Microsoft Volume Licencing options, adding Software Assurance means that when Server Operating Systems reach the end of their lifecycle, the Virtual Servers can be upgraded to the latest version. This gives confidence in security that the latest OS and patches are applied, together with new performance from the upgraded systems. As we upgrade the Hosting Hardware, you also benefit from this as Servers then run at faster speeds.

All Customers on the Hosting Platform have their own Separate networks and dedicated external IP address, which is Firewalled via multiple Routers / Firewalls. Only Authorised users can access their systems, based on user configuration we setup in conjunction with your Business.

Your data, Managed and Backed up

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