Ensuring data security compliance for GDPR and Cyber Security.

Protect against data lost from stolen devices

Data encryption for the Modern workplace

Keep sensitive data secure from harvesting

Since 2017 when GDPR started, data encryption has been an important part of protecting data and making sure that if a PC or Laptop is stolen that it does not allow sensitive data to be harvested from it. ESET Endpoint Encryption is a fully managed system that encrypts entire disks, and has pre-boot authentication, stopping unauthorised users from gaining access to Windows by brute force. If a disk is removed from a machine and put into another to harvest the data then it will only show as a blank disk to be formatted as the encryption keys are not available to the ‘bad actor’.

Emails can also be sent with encryption as an add-on to Outlook.

Target IT can supply ESET Encryption, configure and manage this for all your Desktops, Laptops and Macs, and make sure all data is encrypted.

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