Keeping your IT running in times of Disaster.

Backup solutions to keep your data secure

Ensuring you can recover data easily

Backups that cover all data types

All businesses should have a Disaster Recovery plan, which always includes IT systems. We often come across companies who have no idea if their data is being backed up, and then discover the truth that it wasn’t, or had stopped working when they needed to restore data.

Target IT offer bespoke backup solutions to fit in with your systems and budget. Backup should always be deployed as a mix of different backups to ensure there are alternative methods to restore should one have a problem. We recommend a combination of on-site backups for quick recovery, and Cloud backups as an off-site alternative should the local backup have a problem.

A restore is only as good as the backup

Data Audit, backup and restore

We work with customers to highlight the critical data to be backed up and provide a solution to make sure this data is safe and regularly backed up, with long retention periods to allow for restoration back days, weeks or months.

For Servers, regular testing of the restore and recovery is important and we build testing schedules into DR contracts, to test restoring and for customers to check the data and systems are correctly recovered on the test systems.

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