Get your Website looking the best!

Websites that stand out from the crowd!

Bespoke Websites tailored to your needs

A Website to be proud of

Websites are an important part of any Business as they are your Shop Window to the World. Target IT partner with local Web Developers to provide excellent Websites tailored to your needs, including e-commerce for Web Shops.
Keeping your Web presence working

Domain hosting and management that works

We can Manage customers’ Domains (the ‘www.’ address of your business); to ensure that any modifications to the DNS records for this are managed properly. This avoids any problems with others accidently misconfiguring or deleting records (such as those for email). It also keeps you in control of the Domain, meaning you can change Web Developers at any time; allowing us to work with the new Developer to point DNS records where required.

Your Domains, Properly Managed

Securing your Websites and Services

Peace of mind for e-commerce Websites

Giving Your Customers confidence in your Website

SSL Certificates are a feature of Websites which tell the person viewing the Website that they are on a secure site, which is the legitimate one for that company or Service. SSL Certificates can also be used for Server Services, where a Web Portal is being used (e.g. an on premises CRM system which is accessed remotely by sales users out in the field). We partner with Digicert to provide fully featured SSL Certificates that are easy to use with Websites and other Internet-facing applications.

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