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Any Business network needs good networking that is fast and reliable. Making sure this is setup correctly is crucial to avoid problems such as poorly wired connections or connecting Network Equipment incorrectly and causing network loops, slowing down the network, causing downtime and loss of productivity.
We supply, improve and maintain networks

Making sure your cabling WORKS

We can provide a full Network cabling service. Surveying, planning, and implementing network cabling across a site (or sites), including termination of cables and testing. As well as CAT5/e, CAT6 cabling we can provide fibre-optic links if required for a backbone or link between buildings. Standard speeds are 1GB/s on networks, and we can also provide 2.5Gb/s, 5Gb/s or 10Gb/s speeds if required with the correct Network Equipment.

If you have an existing network with problems, we can provide testing of all data points to ensure they are working, and quote to fix any that are broken or incorrectly wired.

Structured cabling – the IT backbone

Keeping Mobile devices communicating

Ensuring maximum wireless coverage

Fast and Secure networks

Whilst Wired connectivity is the fastest method of communication, Wireless has a place for Mobile computing, via Mobile phones, Tablets and Laptops. As with all technology, speeds have moved on significantly; and the current 802.11ax (also known as Wifi 6) gives theoretical speeds up to 9.6Gb/s maximum throughput on all channels. As with any Radio signal, Wireless can be subject to ‘dead areas’, and so surveying of locations is important to identify these before deployment of a solution.

At Target IT we can provide Wireless networks from a simple single office setup, to a complex multi-location solution. Security is always important and any Wireless networks are secured with the highest level of encryption. Bandwidth and time limits can also be set if necessary to give everyone fair bandwidth usage. Separate Guest networks can be added, with optional portal login to manage users who connect and have security such as 2-factor authentication to sign in with.

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