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Our mission has always been to help companies of all sizes improve on their IT and take advantage of technologies as they appear. And to make sure they are supported when things go wrong.

As a one-stop-shop for all things IT we pride ourselves that our quotes and pricing are transparent and competitive. Our Bespoke Quotes are always detailed and do not hide or combine items to obfuscate what the Customer is getting. In that way Customers trust that we give them peace-of-mind when using our services.

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Experience a comprehensive telephone system with our Voice-Over-IP IPPBX solution. Designed by Yeastar, this comes in Hosted or On-Premises versions and give customers flexibility and all the features you’d expect from a PBX – Extensions, Groups, Voice mail, Menus, Music-on-hold and call recording*. In addition to Handsets from Yealink, Modern Softphone and Mobile apps enable you to be on your office phone system from anywhere. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional telephone lines, as our IPPBX leverages VoIP technology. By utilizing your internet connection, VoIP gives you flexibility and allows for growth, while enjoying cost savings for your business.
*additional storage required for call recording.